Why Volunteer?

When it comes to volunteering, passion and positivity are the only requirements!

Why volunteer?

With busy lives, it can be hard to find time to volunteer. However, the benefits of volunteering can be enormous. Volunteering offers vital help to people in need, worthwhile causes, and the community, but the benefits can be even greater for you, the volunteer. The right match can help you to find friends, connect with the community, learn new skills, and even advance your career.

Giving to others can also help protect your mental and physical health. It can reduce stress, combat depression, keep you mentally stimulated, and provide a sense of purpose. While it’s true that the more you volunteer, the more benefits you’ll experience, volunteering doesn’t have to involve a long-term commitment or take a huge amount of time out of your busy day. Giving in even simple ways can help those in need and improve your health and happiness.

Benefits of volunteering: 4 ways to feel healthier and happier

1.    Volunteering connects you to others

2.    Volunteering is good for your mind and body

3.    Volunteering can advance your career

4.    Volunteering brings fun and fulfillment to your life

First, ask yourself if there is something specific you want to do.

For example, do I want…

…to improve the neighborhood where I live

…to meet people who are different than me

…to try something new

…to do something with my spare time

…to see a different way of life and new places

…to have a go at the type of work I might want as a full-time job

…to do more with my interests and hobbies

…to share something I’m good at

The best way to volunteer is to find a match with your personality and interests. Having answers to these questions will help you narrow down your search.



How to find the right volunteer opportunity with BCC?

There are numerous volunteer opportunities available. The key is to find a position that you would enjoy and are capable of doing. It’s also important to make sure that your commitment matches the organization’s needs. Ask yourself the following:

·         Would you like to work with adults, children, animals, or remotely from home?

·         Do you prefer to work alone or as part of a team?

·         Are you better behind the scenes or do you prefer to take a more visible role?

·         How much time are you willing to commit?

·         What skills can you bring to a volunteer job?

·         What causes are important to you?

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