Holiday Baskets

Dear Volunteers and Donors,


For over 80 years, the Burbank Coordinating Council has been helping families in need. In today’s economic times, we need even more community support than ever for our volunteer-run, Holiday Basket program. Each year, through our partnership with organizations and members of the community, we supply Holiday baskets to over 500 families whose children are on the free or reduced-cost lunch programs in our schools. The program matches up needy families in our community with individuals, families, and organizations that are willing to adopt families by providing them with food for the Holidays and gifts for their children. The Coordinating Council supplies baskets for all of the families that are not adopted (over 200 in 2018). For many, this is the only holiday the family will have.

The Holiday Basket Committee, Janet Diel and Socorro Oseguera, co- Chairs


  1. ADOPT A FAMILY – This year, we are looking for people to adopt a family from beginning to end.  Shop, assemble and deliver food/gifts to reduce the amount of contact.  To adopt a family, go to or email To Adopt a Family go HERE

  2. DONATE ITEMS – Shop and drop off all the items to South Hills Church [222 S. Victory
      Blvd,  Burbank] on Saturday, November 14st or 21st from 4:00-6:00pm.  Drive-
      thru/Contactless drop off in the parking lot.

  • FOOD BAGS – NEW this year…YOU fill the food bags!  We would like every family to receive 3 bags filled with the items below.  Please purchase food items from one or more of the lists below and fill a reusable shopping bag.  Label your filled bags…BAG 1, BAG 2 or BAG 3.

  • GROCERY GIFT CARDS – purchase a $25 gift card to a local grocery store for families to purchase fresh items or a ham or turkey.

   3. GIFTS - purchase gifts for families from the Amazon Wish List.  Have them delivered directly                   to the Coordinating Council or drop off. 

   4. OTHER


Thank you for considering this opportunity to reach out and help others.  It feels so good to be a Holiday Basket volunteer!