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Dear Parents and Campers,


Re: BCC Campership Program Deadline changed to March 31, 2022!!


BCCs Campership program helps provide camping experiences for Burbank’s financially disadvantaged youth. Children of qualified families* will be offered a selection of COVID-19 compliant virtual or in-person resident or day camps.  BCCs Campership pays $250* towards the cost of one session per child. 




Camps are filling up and we want to ensure that families have the opportunity to obtain the camp of their choice. 


Be sure to submit your application along with financial documentation on or before March 31 to be invited to the Campership Parent Workshop.  All available Camp options will be provided to parents in attendance at the Workshop.  We ask that you select your Top 3 choices, to ensure a spot.  Note: Not all camps have guaranteed us spots – most of the camp options are filled by first-come, first-served; there is a chance that your top selection will not be available.  If this happens, we will try your 2nd and 3rd choices until we can confirm your camp opportunity.


Campership Parent Workshop

Location: Buena Vista Library, 300 N Buena Vista St, Burbank, CA 91505

Date/Time: Tuesday, April 5, 2022 at 6:00 p.m.

Other: Campership registration fee due


Please be prepared to provide your child(s) Campership contribution to hold their spot.  This is a cash-only, non-refundable registration fee payable for each child participating in the Campership program.


Campership contributions are: $10.00 for day-camp or $25.00 for resident camp (cash, non-refundable) towards the total camp fee for each child attending.  If a family cancels for any reason, the Campership fee is nonrefundable, and the parent agrees to repay BCC for full cost of camp expenses.


Selection guidelines for campers:


1. Both the child and the parent want him/her to have the camp experience

2. Financial need must exist (MUST provide proof of income, such as: paystub; last year’s W-2 tax, 
CalFresh letter).

3. Ages considered are 6-18 years. 

4. Campers must be Burbank residents. or attend Burbank schools. 

5. First time campers will receive priority


*Specialty camp registrations may exceed the amount provided; the balance due is the responsibility of the parent.



If you have questions about the program, please call Geraldine Walters at 818-219-5797 or email bcc.camper@gmail.com.

English Application

Spanish Application

Armenian Application

BCC's Camperships for 2022 are now closed. Thank you and please check back next year.